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ANZSCO Skill Level List Australia

ANZSCO Skill Level List Australia

ANZSCO is the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations. The criteria for the occupation have been set to ensure that the demand for employees in particular fields gets filled in a systematic way. According to VISA Consultant In Brisbane, the system makes the job profile quite clear to the applicant. It has been developed jointly by the following organizations for collection, publication, and analysis of statistics related to occupation-
  • The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
  • Statistics New Zealand
  • The Department of Education and Training
It is a basis of classification of occupations and jobs according to the Australian and New Zealand job market The structure of ANZSCO The ANZSCO is divided into 5 hierarchical levels which are
  • major group
  • sub-major group
  • minor group
  • unit group
  • occupation
  1. Occupations are grouped to form unit groups
  2. Unit groups are grouped to form minor groups
  3. Aggregates of minor groups are called sub-major groups
  4. Sub major groups are aggregated to form major groups
  5. ANZSCO is used to assess the skill of the visa applicant.
Skill Level The skills are rated on a scale of 1 to 5. The skill is graded according to the range and complexity of the tasks the skill requires. The skill level increases as the range and complexity increases. Skill Level 1 They are equivalent to the bachelor degree or higher qualification of a person. If the person has an experience of five years in the relevant skill, then it may be used to substitute the formal qualification. Some skills specify requirement of relevant experience and on the job training. Skill Level 2 Occupations in this category are equivalent to –
  • Registered Diploma from NewZeland
  • Advanced Diploma or Diploma or AQF Associate Degree
  • Three years of experience in a relevant field may be used as a substitute for the formal qualification.
Skill Level 3 This level of skill commensurate with the following degrees- NZ Register Level 4 qualification
  • AQF Certificate IV or
  • AQF Certificate III ( including minimum two years of on-the-job training)
  • Again three years of relevant experience may be used to substitute for the formal qualification.
Skill Level 4 This skill level asks for occupations which are considered equivalent to
  • NZ Register( Level 2 or 3 qualification )
  • AQF Certificate II or III.
  • In this case, one year of relevant experience is considered equivalent to the formal qualifications.
Skill Level 5 Skill level 5 requires occupations which are considered equivalent to the following qoptions
  • NZ Register Level 1 qualification
  • AQF Certificate
  • secondary education (compulsory)
On-the-job training may be required in case of some occupations along with the formal education. There might be relaxation though in some cases.

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