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Announcement by Boris Johnson regarding Australian-style visa policy for January 2021

Announcement by Boris Johnson regarding Australian-style visa policy for January 2021

In the present day, numerous individuals migrating overseas for different reasons. If you are also willing to migrate to Australia then you must lodge your application file from the Migration Agents in Brisbane because they are professionals and hold sufficient experience in all kinds of visas. Boris Johnson: Point-based visa policy is the system that is initially adopted by the Australian government but now it will be also the part of the British countries due to Boris Johnson. This visa allows the entry of skilled, experienced and talented people from other countries to work and flourish their countries. If you are also planning to apply for a visa then you have to qualify the requirement of Australian skilled visas and also meet the points-based assessment. Points are awarded to the applications in a number of categories, which are shown below:

Age requirements:

  1. If you want to apply for a skilled visa then you must be below 50.
  2. Applicants who are between 25 and 32 can begin automatically with half of the required points that is 60 points.
  3. Applicants between the age of 45-49 begin with zero.

Competency in English:

You have to appear for proficiency tests, which can evaluate that you are capable to communicate in English effectively and you are not able to face any communication barrier. If you hold good bands or points in proficiency tests then it will automatically boost your assessment.

Qualifications and experience:

The 60 points also comprised of your qualifications and work experience. If you are highly qualified and have enough experience then you are able to apply for a skilled visa and your assessment also gets increased. Occupation: In certain subclass visas, there is a requirement of sponsorship by an employer or any family member. If you are not sponsored by the employer then it is mandatory that your job should be registered in the occupation list then only you are able to get a nomination letter from that nation. The major conservative party has pinned its post-Brexit skills-based visa plans. These skilled-based visa plans will be applied equally to all nations which include India also. If the migrant is not able to fulfill the requirements then they are not able to receive a visa. Boris Johnson took certain steps to ensure the Australian-style points-based immigration policy in his own nation. The ‘Australian-style points-based system’ plays a double role. On the one hand, Johnson desires to reassure the concerns of the public members about the contemporary system that immigration will be controlled carefully. On the other hand, the acknowledgment of this Australian system has a modern and broad flavor, and the motive of this system is to reassure the business with the new policies and it will be oriented to welcome the skilled and talented masses from abroad.

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