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An alternative option available for the TSS Visa Australia – Subclass 407

An alternative option available for the TSS Visa Australia – Subclass 407

What is Training visa (subclass 407)?

Training visa (subclass 407) – Migration Agents Brisbane Australia: With this visa, the Australian organization can sponsor people for professional development or occupational training. This visa allows the person to stay in Australia for 2 years. This training visa gives opportunities to people to meet the licensing requirements or occupational registration. It helps in enhancing their skills in the occupation they are doing and to build relations overseas. With this, there is also the need to maintain health insurance. This visa is in the subject to the condition of 8102 which does not allow work except training which is also mentioned in the visa application.The application is lodged online when you are applying you cannot be in Australia or overseas. With this visa, family members can be included.To know about the process of application take help from our Migration Agents in Brisbane. They will give you proper knowledge about this and another visa like Visitor Visa.What this visa allows you to do?First of all this visa is not going to fulfill the labor requirement in Australia. So, if you plan to work in Australia then this visa is not the option for you. But, yes this visa gives the applicant the opportunity to take part in training with the sponsoring company. This thing is the sole intent of the visa.The visa holder of Subclass 407 may get training with the private organization, foreign agency, or government agency in Australia to sharpen their occupational skills. With this you can:
  • Nomination Type 1
To get employed in the nominated occupation you should get training in the workplace in which you have to get a license or registration.
  • Nomination Type 2
To enhance the occupational skills you need to take part in the systematic training program which is work-based.
  • Nomination Type 3
To build capacity overseas you need to take part in those types of the training program.This includes the following sub-categories:
  • Overseas education (sub-category a)
  • Government aid (sub-category b)
  • Professional enhancement (sub-category c)

The following information should be given to the Immigration Department.

  • Contact details and each employer location.
  • For the nominated training program information identifying the employer or employers.
  • Details of the places where the nominated training will be conducted.
  • If the sponsor and the employer are not the same. In that case, there is a need to provide information to the relationship between the two.
  • Nominee wishes to include in the Visa there should be Information identifying the nominee and all family members.
In case you include a spouse they can work in Australia for 40 hours per week. Along with spouse, kids can also be included. To know more about the process you should seek help from our migration agent.

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