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What is the Age Limit For Permanent Residency in Australia?

What is the Age Limit For Permanent Residency in Australia?

When you wanted to migrate to Australia, then the first point to consider is the age limit for permanent residency in Australia. Well, the age limit for permanent residency in Australia varies on several factors. So, considering the type of visa is the deciding factor for an age limit. People who wanted to get the Australian PR visas in Subclass 189 and 190 needs to age 44 or less as their eligibility. Still, you feel confused and then given here the frequently asked questions along with answers related to the age limit for permanent residency in Australia.

What Are The Points I Can Get For My Age?

According to the Australia Immigration Point Calculation System, you can get the point according to your age: • 18–24 years- 25 Points • 25–32 years- 30 Points • 40–44 years- 15 Points • 45–50 years- 0 Points

Can People more than 44 Apply for the Australian PR Visa?

People who age from 44 to 50 can apply for an Australian Visa, but they have not PR point under the Australian Immigration Point Calculation System. So, rather you are eligible, but chances are few to get the permanent residence status.

Why The Age Limit Is There For The Australian PR Visa?

Australia is a country where most of the population consists of the elderly. The Government of Australia needs young and energetic people who are skilled so that they can work and hence settled in Australia. It is the belief of the Australian Government that when you have more young working people, they contribute better economic growth because of their energy, strength, and fresh ideas. This makes a reason for having the age limit to get the Australian PR.

I am above 40, Then How Can I Increase My Chances Of Migrating To Australia?

When you wanted to migrate to Australia, then possibly the far chance can be yours when you get a job there. Then, chances can increase with • If you will get chosen by the public relations in Australia • Being a skilled worker • Get skills in any province in Australia, so that they can offer sponsorship for Australian Public Relations These are the considerable points you can score more with especially when you have no points according to your age means you ages between 45 and 50. You should try to score as a maximum in the English proficiency test. You can get the maximum points with IELTS or PTE to cover up the points you cannot get according to the abovementioned age-eligible chart.

How does Education Embassy help Get You an Australian Permanent Visa?

There are many other ways you can be migrated to Australia and for that, you needed to have a trustworthy immigration consultant that enables you to apply for Public relations in Australia. Education embassy is a trusted name in leading migration agents in Brisbane. We are registered with the Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA). We have helped several skilled workers, students, and families looking to migrate to Australia and continuing the same with working a goal of client satisfaction. Education embassy experiences preparing skilled migration visa applications for applicants who are aged between 40 and 45 years. Our team will interact with you and discuss the maximum possible chances for you to migrate to Australia.

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