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Are you wondering about the advanced changes in Australian citizenship Laws?

Are you wondering about the advanced changes in Australian citizenship Laws?

In the current era, the craze of migrating overseas among individuals is surging. If you are also planning to shift Australia then you should lodge your visa application from the Migration Agents in Brisbane as they are expert in applying different kinds of visas.

Changes in Australian citizenship Laws 2019:

  • the requirement of a new residence;

  • a new procedure for deciding an applicant’s integration into the organization;

  • alterations in the test of citizenship.

Modifications in requirements of residence:- The proposed changes in residence requirements are more strict than as compared to the current and prior requirements. As per the current requirements, it is mandatory that the applicant must be a resident in Australia for four years. But, the visa applicants need to have a permanent resident for only one year. Whereas in the proposed change in residency requirements, the visa applicants need to have Australian permanent residents for four years. This change has an impact on those applicants who migrate to Australia on temporary work visas. The work visa holders will no longer consider themselves as temporary residents for the requirement of residence for Australian citizenship.

Integration of Testing:-

A second predominant proposed change is new English-language testing. English language proficiency test is compulsory for the migrant who wants to migrate overseas. This test evaluates the English proficiency of the applicant that means it acts evidence for an embassy that the candidate is able to communicate in English effectively and the applicant is not going to face any communication barrier. The Australian government raises the standard of English language proficiency tests. The government of Australia has set the band or score requirements which the applicant has to fulfill. There are different English language proficiency tests available which are widely acceptable in Australia like IELTS, PTE and the TOEFL. These tests evaluate your proficiency in English. If the applicant is not able to meet the requirement then the applicant has to pay extra fees and ELICO or the ESL will be given to the applicant that means the applicant has to attend an English class of 500 days.

The citizenship test:-

There are three proposed changes announced by the Australian government in the citizenship test are shown below:-
  • The new citizenship test will comprise more purposeful questions that evaluate the understanding and commitments of shared responsibilities and values of an applicant.
  • If the applicant is not able to clear the test once then the person will be able to reappear for a test for a maximum of three times.
  • If you are caught by an invigilator by doing cheating in an exam that means it will be considered as an automatic failure and you are not allowed to sit in an exam again.

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