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What is the AAT, FCC, FCA, and HC Appeals for those who get refusal?

What is the AAT, FCC, FCA, and HC Appeals for those who get refusal?

Education Embassy, Overview to AAT, FCC, FCA, and HC Appeals: Well, many people apply for Australia visa, but not everyone gets a visa, some people get refusal. After getting a refusal, you have to wait for 6 months to re-apply.

If you do not know how to appeal in court after getting a refusal, then you must go with AAT, FCC, FCA, MRT Appeal and HC appeals. In order to get detailed information about these, you must visit our migration agents in Brisbane. Only a good visa consultant in Brisbane gives you proper information about these appeals. You must go with several types of limits that are specially made for people such as-:

  • Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT)

  • Federal Circuit Court of Australia (FCC)

  • A federal court of Australia (FCA)

  • High Court Appeals (HC Appeals)

These are explained below, so, you must read them carefully if you really want to get proper knowledge about everything.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

AAT is known as the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, which is anĀ  Australian Tribunal. This is specially designed to make independent merits review of administrative decisions that are made under the laws of the Australian Government. In addition to this, All the decisions are made by ministers, State government or non-government bodies, departments and agencies. Well, you may not know those review decisions are also made under the laws of Norfolk Island.

Moreover, this Australian Tribunal was found by the Administrative Appeal Tribunal ACT 1975 as well as Commenced operations. And then on 1 July 2015 this AAT was merged with-:

  • Refugee Review Tribunal

  • The Migration Review Tribunal

  • Social Security Appeals Tribunal

The reviews of the administrative decisions are based on the facts, law, and policies as well. This is specially designed for those who get a visa refusal. Many people do not know about this tribunal or appeal to convert their refusal visa into granting if their application is genuine. However, if authorities find any type of mistake or problem, they may ban you for 5 years to enter into Australia.

Federal Circuit Court (FCC )

This FCC can review decisions that are made under the Migration Act 1958. in addition to this, all the decisions are made by higher authorities such as-:

  • The Refugee Review Tribunal

  • The Minister for Immigration

  • The Migration Review Tribunal.

  • Multicultural Affairs and Border Protection

This is basically found to examine the decision whether it is made under or according to law or not. Well, this court does not involve your visa application and whether you get a visa or not. And there is no one, who will interfere with the ministers to make reviews in his favor, this court is completely independent.

Moreover, if a court finds an administrative error,

  • It will refer your case back and prevent the Ministers from acting on the decision.

The Court cannot find any error, then:

  • They will re-examine the facts and reasons for visa application

  • They will surely take factual information in order to check everything again.

  • They will surely grant you a visa for Australia.

Federal Court of Australia (FCA)

The main objectives of Federal court of Australia are-:

  • Make reviews or decisions promptly, courteously and effectively according to law.

  • This is also well-known to interpret the statutory law and the development of the general law of the Commonwealth.

  • Another role of the federal court of Australia is to exercise the judicial power of the Commonwealth.

  • The aim of the court is to provide an effective and prompt registry service to people.

  • This court is also found to manage the resources that are allotted by Parliament or Government as well.

High Court Appeals (HC Appeals)

This is one of the highest courts in Australia, that is found to deal with the special cases or that directly come to court or those which come to the high court on appeal. In order to prove yourself innocent or get a visa, you must go directly to the high court if the above-mentioned reviews are not able to help you anymore. Well, the cases that are solved by high court involve-:

  • company law

  • arbitration

  • property law

  • contract

  • tax law

  • copyright

  • criminal law and procedure

  • family law

  • insurance

  • courts-martial

  • personal injury

  • trade practices.

So, in order to appeal for your refusal visa, you must talk to a consultant, he will give you proper information on how to appeal in court. For more information, you must contact us once because we are running a consultancy in Australia.

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