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7 Easy Steps You need to know to Apply Your Tourist Visa for Australia?

7 Easy Steps You need to know to Apply Your Tourist Visa for Australia?

7 Steps To Apply Your Tourist Visa for Australia

You can consult with experienced Migration agents in Brisbane to get to know about tourist visa eligibility and its application process. To know more, here are 7 easy steps through which a person can apply for an Australian Visa: Step 1. Examine What kind of Visa You require With the help of a Visa finder, you can get to know which visa is best for you. According to your profile, the visa is granted or issued. Step 2. Create a free Immiaccount Build an Immiaccount for the betterment of yourself. It is an online service portal that is facilitated by the Government of Australia. Through this portal, you can get all the necessary details regarding your visa process. Step 3. Complete the Online Application Criteria Fill out the online application form that includes personal information, travel history and many more. Step 4. Preparation of the important documents for your Visa Application Just like other visa applications, several documents are also needed for your visa file. Here is the list of the required documents:
  • A valid passport of a reputed Country.
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport Sized Photographed of Candidate
  • The photograph size is 45* 35 mm on a plain background
Candidate tend to write their name on the backside of the photograph
  • Full detail of Travel history in a scanned form
  • Equivalent Bank certificate
  • Income Tax Return
  • Employment contract
  • Flight & Hotel Booking & Reservations details in JPG or PDF format with 5MB size.
Step 5. Full Payment of the Application Charges It is also an important step that you consider while applying for a tourist visa. Once you have examined your application, you can proceed further to the payment section. The visa processing fee depends on the type of visa you have. A recent study discloses the rates of visitor visa under subclass 600 it varies from 140$ to 1,040$. Credit card fees also included. This step is very crucial for your visa application without it you can’t get a visa. Step 6. Submit essential documents online After you made a successful payment and cross-checked your profile or application now it’s time to finalize the things and submit them online. After that, an acknowledgement letter is delivered to the email. You just wait until your visa approval notice which will be issued within two business days or a month. In different cases, it has been found that several important documents are needed from the candidate side before issuing the visa approval notice. Step 7. Take a print of the Visa Grant notice The last step in the applying process is the visa grant notice. If you received word from your immigration agent that your Australian tourist visa has been approved. After that, you need to take a coloured print out of the notice so that you do not face any difficulty during entering and leaving Australia.

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