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7 Mistakes Why Your Australian Student Visa Rejected

7 Mistakes Why Your Australian Student Visa Rejected

Visa Refusal: Deciding to study in Australia is one of the major decisions of your life, albeit a good one. Of course, you will need a student visa for getting to Australia and studying there. For that, you will have to fulfill a set of requirements. According to Migration Agents in Brisbane, there are many requirements which one needs to fulfill for acquiring a student visa. If you fail to fulfil the below-given criteria, then you could lose out a chance to get the Student Visa.

Given below are the top Mistakes & Reasons for the rejection of a student visa

1. You don’t meet the genuine temporary entrant requirement

You will need to prove to the authorities that your intentions are pure and clear. Meeting the GTE requirement proves that you indeed intend to study there. It aims to screen the youngsters pretending to be students but have some other motive behind the application. The GTE must contain the details of the course sought in Australia, the value of the course for the student’s future, and the applicant’s immigration history along with other details.

2. Your qualification is not up to the mark

You will be required to have completed a certain level of study to be considered eligible for the required course. Depending on the course and the university, you will have to meet the required level of education specified for it. You will also be required to have requisite skills in English. In case you are keen but don’t meet the eligibility, you can opt for a bridging course.

3. You don’t have the requisite English skills

An English speaking country will require English skills. So you will get a student visa only after meeting the English language requirements. IELTS or an equivalent test will prove your English skills. The scores will work in your favor if you score high in these tests.

4. You lack funds

Yes, you require funds if you wish to pursue studies abroad. You will have to show that you will be able to handle the annual living expense of $AUD20,000 once you are there. An insufficient amount of funds in your bank account will lead to the direct cancellation of your application.

5. You are not exactly in the pink of health

No country wants an unhealthy immigrant. He might turn out to be a liability and worse cause an epidemic in the country. So you will have to undergo a lot of tests and have the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). It will help in providing your health insurance in Australia.

6. You have a blot on your character

Of course, no country will want a person who has a bad record. If you have earned a bad name for yourself or have a poor immigration history, you will only face rejection. You will have to meet the DIBP character requirements. Your police certificates relating to the past ten years will also be checked if you have been living in another country for the last 10 years.

7. You submitted incomplete or incorrect documents

It is one of the biggest blunders you could commit during the application. A missing document which could be as insignificant as a health clearance document can mar your chances of getting the visa. So, cross-check all your documents before submission.

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