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408 Visa to Sponsor a Sports Coach

408 Visa to Sponsor a Sports Coach

Every year we hear clubs and academics want to sponsor sports coaches from overseas. The increasing demand for tennis, badminton, and gymnastics is facing a shortage of talented coaches. This is the reason, the 408 visa is very helpful to meet the demand of sports coaches in Australia.

Is it difficult to sponsor a sports coach?

Whether there is a need for a tennis or gymnastics coach, it is essential to meet certain requirements. The academy or club needs to meet the requirement and the nominee needs to have essential skills or qualifications to carry out the job perfectly. In most cases, the club owners choose the coaches on Subclass 408 (Temporary Activity visa). This visa was introduced in 2016 to meet the shortage of coaches in Australia. In case, you are planning to apply for the visa or know someone eligible for the same visa, then contact our migration agent. He will let you know in detail what the visa requirements are and what needs to be done to get the visa successfully.

Applying application for the Australian sports visa

Sports coaches who are going to stay for 3 months, need to apply from outside Australia. Additionally, they need to have support from the individual or club who will oversee the events and activities for which the coach is needed. It is important to keep in mind all the requirements while applying for the visa.
  • Coaches who are planning to stay for a longer time need to be sponsored by the academy or club which is sponsor approved.
  • Also, the coaches need to meet the character and health requirements. In some cases, there is a need to get an insurance policy to cover the stay in Australia.
  • The requirement of Genuine Temporary Entrants needs to be met. This is the latest effort made in the subclass 408 to prevent the use of this visa for the wrong purpose. In simple words, the applicant should not be using this visa to get a permanent residency.

Processing time of Subclass 408

If you are a club owner and want to sponsor a coach then with Subclass 408, everything will be done very quickly. You need to contact our migration consultant and they will make sure within a few weeks you get the visa.

Is it possible to bring a family member on a 408 visa?

Yes, the coaches can bring a dependent along with them as long as they meet all the essential requirements. It is essential that the visa application is applied in the right manner and this is where our experienced immigration agents will help you. Apply for the 408 visa Want to minimize the stress of applying for the visa and get a faster outcome? Our team is going to handle your application and make sure from start to end everything is done with rules and regulations.

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