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10 Questions you should ask your Educational Consultant

10 Questions you should ask your Educational Consultant

Opting for higher studies abroad is a smart decision. However, don’t let your defense down once you approach the migration agent for a Student Visa in Australia.¬†You must be careful with the time and money you will spend on the significant activity of securing a visa. Don’t be in such a tearing hurry that you lose focus on the real objective of your mission. Migration Agents in Brisbane are here to guide you about the questions you should ask the agent to set apart the experts from the novice.

1. Which colleges /universities are you offering?

It is your right to know the exact location of your destination. You must know the college /university you are going to. Be particular about getting every fine detail about the place of study you have been recommended. Ask for references of the candidates who are already studying there or have been recommended the same name.

2. What is the number of visas successfully processed by your company??

This question is enough to clarify your vision of the company. You will come to know the number of successful cases through it and likewise build your trust based on that. There should be some experience and knowledge in the agency with which you are trusting your future.

3. Will you be able to provide references to the students who got a visa through your agency?

It will be good if you can check the testimonials of the ex-clients for the company. You can also contact them and get reviews for the company.

4. Is your company multinational or limited to one country only?

You will come across many agencies that work only in India. In that case, they will not be able to offer any assistance if you need help after landing in Australia. It will be better if you opt for a company with overseas branches, especially in Australia.

5. Is the consultant an expert in this area?

Ask some questions which are relevant to test the level of expertise of the consultant . This way, you will have an idea about his skills.

6. Do you cover all the aspects of visa processing?

Ask whether they will help in all the visa processing activities like SOP, Admission in the college and, Issuance of CoE? Ideally, they should.

7. Do you provide a guarantee of providing admission to the top choices of the candidate?

Many of them do give a guarantee but step back later. You will have to stand firm on your ground to make sure that they understand that you are serious about your choice.

8. Do you provide help if we face a problem overseas?

Although it may never happen, you must get the assurance of getting the best help if something goes awry when you go overseas.

9. What if rejection comes my way?

The agency should be able to help if your visa gets rejected. You will be entitled to a refund on many occasions. However, you must appeal your case before collecting the refund. The immigration agency should participate in this matter.

10. Why is hiring an education agent recommended to achieve success?

Students are advised to get the assistance of an immigration agent, especially when applying for an Australian student visa. If you think of submitting the application without an agent, then you might fail due to some mistakes. It is highly recommended that you take the services of an immigration agent to realize your dream.

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